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Video #1  
Follow Gods Way--Don't be led astray! This is a very powerful skit.  From the time we are born, the temptations from our peers  are so great that without faith in God we could easily fall prey to depression, loneliness, alcohol abuse, etc. Sometimes we need a skit like this to jump start us an get us back on the road to GodWhoever originally came up with the Lifehouse Everything skit, thank you... it has touched so many lives!!
Video #2 The Sky Angel Cowboy  The Christian Broadcasting Network talks to "Logan Henderson", the boy known as "The Sky Angel Cowboy", about his phone call to a radio station and the video that has touched hearts around the world.   You'll hear from Logan's parents and Mike Kankelfritz, the DJ that Logan phoned.
    Video #3 Andrea Bocelli & Heather Headley - 'The Prayer' This is awesome !!!!!!  What powerful voices , the best of God's gifted , Andrea and Heather.

    To God be the glory !!!!!!

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