Dr. Chauncey W. Crandall IV, is a famed heart doctor who tells his electrifying story of how a patient of his was literally ‘raised from the dead’ after he was told by God to pray for this man. 
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Accept God into your life so you won't be disappointed later.
I got this from a member today and she gave me her permission to share.

Marielle Wrote:
This is awesome that he honored the Lord and obeyed. Miracles still happened every day I am one of them.

One night I started coughing and all of a sudden blood was rushing out of my mouth. I was flown by helicopter to a big city, as I live in a small town, and the next day I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I was in that hospital for three days as they needed to stop the bleeding before operating. On the way to the hospital the voice of the Lord spoke softly to me "you shall live or die by the confession of your mouth" The day of the operation we had to have more xrays to know where to open.

I was laying down on the stretcher and a man call Paul came beside me and held my hands and repeated the same God given words. I felt a warmth travel through my whole body and I KNEW I was instantly healed.

My daughter was behind with an apron on with the old xray technician. He started cursing the name of the Lord while he was saying that the original xrays were not the right ones as I had baby lungs and nothing was wrong with your mother he told my daughter. She looked at him and said "The same Jesus Christ that you are cursing now. He just healed my mom. Praise the Lord. I was discharged to go home and we went looking for the young man Paul and we were told that there was no technician by that name in all the xray's departments. I believe that it was an angel. So you see our Holy and Faithful God Is still in the miracle business today.

Thank you for reading me.
You can share my miracle if you wish with others.

May the Lord bless you abundantly my brother, Love In Him, Marielle

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